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Loral R. Johnson

Loral Johnson

Welcome to my home on the web!

I am, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a guitarist, and computer guru.

Lead guitarist for the power trio - Terra Firma band.

Paul Reed Smith guitar

Troy Grady - Cracking the Code


Established in 1993 as a guitar parts manufacturer, EDEN Guitars has since then grown into a business that provides musicians, DIY builders and wholesale dealers with high quality gear that won’t hurt their wallet. Eden Guitars started out primarily as an online company through their eBay store as well as their website,, and has grown steadily thanks in large part to their dedicated service and the quality products we offer.

In January of 2014, they opened their very first retail/wholesale warehouse in North America to serve their customers more closely. Since then, they saw a large growth in interest and excitement for the gear that they carry and that enthusiasm is what they thrive on.

Their goal is to provide their customers with unique options not available in other retail stores. Whether you’re looking to put a guitar together yourself from scratch or you’re a new retailer yourself, Eden Guitars has what you’re looking for at the right price.

I cannot recommend them enough.





Troy Grady - Cracking the Code

Troy Grady

Click Here - the logo above, or the image to the left to visit the Troy Grady website.

If you are a guitarist, you owe it to yourself to see his "Cracking the Code" series. Currently there are 2 Seasons.

After viewing a couple of episodes, I had to subcribe! Watching this series for free is a SIN.

I created the image to the left, and "yes", everything in the picture has to do with the series, AND MORE!

I cannot praise "Cracking the Code" enough....




Paul Reed Smith guitar


Yes, I am a musician....
"Loral Johnson" - performing at Marina's "Loral Johnson" - performing at Mickey Fins in Ocean City MD

 Loral Johnson at Cowboys in Ocean City MD

Loral Johnson says - Play This Note!  Loral Johnson at Coyotes - Seaford DE Oct 1st 2010

Loral Johnson performing at Marina's Blades DE Evil Loral

The Lost Tapes

A long time ago, in a place not far away, 4 guys got together one night to record some songs for
a singer to use to audition.

This was sometime in the early 1990's. For years, these tapes were thought lost and all music on it.

Recently, that tape was found ... the lost tapes ... Click Here to listen to some of those songs.


Animated Loral!

Loral Johnson - XBox Live AvatarLoral Johnson as on The SimpsonsLoral Johnson's custom guitar pick Loral Johnson as on South Park

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